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Creationists Might be Right

Could the creationists be right about the 6000 years age of the world as regards god’s creation of the world?

I recently watched an Australian TV interview panel program,  which usually has 6 guests and runs different topics each week.

This particular episode involved the teaching of religion in schools versus science and had a US professor of theoretical physics and maths as one of the panel members.   He totally bucketed the idea of the world being older than 6000 years, and actually became quite aggressive on the matter.   However, is he wrong if he hasn’t factored in to what world are they talking about?

Be that as it may, it occurred to me that the creationists were right, but for reasons different to that of the age of the physical earth.   As a theoretical physicist, he should know about time/space.
A quick summary of my views might suffice here as I wade through the background to get to where the creationists might be coming from.    Based on the interpretation of a number of ancient myths and legends, combined with the mathematical results continuing to be found on the great Pyramid, and making sure I am not inconsistent with theoretical maths, I have concluded that we exist within one large time/space circle.   Within that circle, there have been a number of smaller circles [probably 7], with each circle being smaller to the preceding circle.   Most importantly, that our current circle began about 12,000 years ago.    Time/space interruptions are the barrier between the small circles such that each new circle is not in the same time/space as the preceding. 

To come back to the topic, if our time/space existence is now only 12,000 years old, and the biblical stories of a 6000 year old earth were written about 6000 years ago, then the creationists are correct.  At the time of their writing, our current existence was only 6000 years old.

Even if you don’t accept my theory of circular time with circles following circles, over the years on this board and elsewhere, there has been much written about the possibility of something extraordinary having happened 12000 years ago; floods and mammoths with food frozen in their stomachs are just two examples.

Could our ancients peoples, including those who wrote the biblical accounts of creation, thought in terms of time/space worlds, rather than physical worlds?   It seems to me they did. 

Monday, 31 December 2012

 My First Essay on Circular Time

 We are going backwards a little, as I return to the point where I first discovered circular time.   Or, to put more correctly, when I saw clearly what the ancients were saying.

Many have now dismissed the end of time prophecies as nothing happened on 21st December 2012.  However, you will see from the following that it nowhere did anyone in ancient worlds say the world would end suddenly in one day.  

Approach [Process]

The approach is everything.   In the accounting profession of which I have been a member for at least 35 years, we call this the Process.   By definition, our results can only be as good as the Process, and our adherence to the Process.  

My approach is to view collect the factual information, then try and see what ‘picture’ emerges.  

My main sources are the Mayans, the Maori legends of New Zealand, the Pyramid Texts, the Egyptian religion, and basically all ancient legends myths etc.  

The next step is to test the picture against what the ancients left us.  It is most important to consider only what they left us.   Interpretations made by later researchers should be discarded

I have included in the factual information, results from theoretical maths.   I am not a mathematician, and have taken conclusions only.

Forest versus the Trees

We have all heard of the saying ‘can’t see the forest for the trees’.  

It is important to keep trying to see the picture the ancients were presenting.   Strong discipline is required to keep away from analysing each tree, twig and leaf found within the forest.  

I can’t emphasis enough the importance of returning to the picture and testing it against the information left to us.    

On an almost daily basis, my picture is expanding as more information makes sense.  

Giza Monuments

We must not forget the contribution  made by the Giza Monuments.   Forget the theories about construction, reasons for construction etc.   Only one type of factual information can be extracted from the Giza Monuments – the mathematical findings.  

Reverse evidence is also useful for holding in the back of ones mind, when trying to see the total picture.   The AEs did not claim to have built the Giza monuments.   In reality, they attributed these monuments to their understanding of God.  

What lead me into a Time Circle?

After having followed the above approach for 16 years, I still wasn’t happy that I was seeing the picture.   The novel I started [still have the story in dot format] was based totally upon interdimensional interference, but this still wasn’t fitting the totality of what the ancients left us.

Then ideas of time being circular started to surface.    I kept looking at the material behind this idea, then back to the ancients, noted the maths that Don and others were producing from Giza:  then sat back and tried to see what was falling out of the picture.  

Then one day, the answer was there.   So obvious to me now, yet so elusive at the time.  

Indeed as the mathematicians have theorised, time/space is circular.  

We live in an illusion of linear time, only because we exist within the beginning and end of a time/space circle doing its thing.  

Bowel Bacteria versus Totality of the Human Being

It occurred to me that if there was something out there bigger than us – and the ancients were adamant there was – then maybe we are like the bacteria in the human bowel.   That bacteria is quite justified in thinking the bowel is the beginning and end of existence.   Justified because it cannot see any further.   Yet we know there is a body in which the bowel is contained.   Not only that, the body holds a soul which has feelings and is able to express emotion.

In looking for the picture, it is important not to be like the bacteria, and assume the bowel is the all there is.   The ancients knew there was more.  

I do not profess to understand why a greater being does what it does.   My aim is to try and understand the effect upon us – the equivalent of the bacteria in the bowel.

2012 Prophecies

In my quest to find what it was the ancients knew, the 2012 prophecies were noted.

Nowhere is it said that the world will end, only that time will end.  

Once again, it is important to discard the interpretations etc put upon this by later researchers.  

What is a Time Circle?

The Time Circle is nothing more than the name I have gaven to the time/space circle which created our existence.   I gave it this name because it conveyed a sense of what it is – a being that exists in circular time/space.   It cannot exist in any other way, other than circular, because that is what time/space is.

Like the human in which the bowel bacteria exists, the time circle in which we exist, is a being with emotions and feelings, but without a physical body.   I think it exists at electromagnetic level.

I have no idea why it does not have a physical body - maybe that is why it created us.

This time circle has been given various names by ancient cultures.  

How does it interact with us?

This part is extremely difficult to convey in words, but once understood, seems so obvious.

The time circle begins and ends at the same place.   Therefore, the ending is known as its journey begins.   The journey is to complete a circle.   It exists by following the path of a circle.   

When our time circle began a new circle, it created a physical existence within itself – us. 

While our time circle is moving through its existence in circle fashion, we are left alone to complete the illusion of a linear existence.   I say illusion, because it is nothing more than the linear time it takes for the circle to complete itself.    We have created the idea of linear time from within our position within a circle.   In reality, linear time does not exist.  

Our existence can not have a life longer than the time it will take for the circle to come back to its beginning.

When the circle began, it knew when it would return, because it knew when the circle would close.   In my opinion, that information is the Mayan calendar.    It ends at 2012, because that is when the circle will complete itself.   It knew that when it began, because it began where it would end.   Somehow it was able to leave with us the information regarding its return.


Once the concept of circular time/space in reality is grasped, then more and more questions surface and more information can be extracted from the ancients.

Obviously the most important question is how it will manifest itself in our physical world upon the closing of its circle. 

Sunday, 30 December 2012

Back to the Beginning

 I started this blog at my poster presentation at the CPAK conference October 2012, Palm Springs.   This presentation merely put out the idea for circular time, and my attempts to disprove the idea.

I return to my early work on how I relate circular time to our history.  It began with years of study of the Ancient Egyptian religion.  

My understanding of Egyptology follows.   Egyptology studies the history of ancient Egypt as left to us by them.   Most significant and fascinating within this history, is the AE religion and their relationship with their God(s).   Much work and study, including PHD thesis, have been done on the complex array of gods and religious ideas.   The most predominant  god was Ra, with his son Horus.   You could spend a lifetime simply studying the AE concept of these gods.   Further, the relationship of the AEs through their religion to the Giza monuments, is an issue which has been studied extensively.   

If I could make one conclusion it is that the Giza monuments were considered by the AEs to have complex purpose relevant to the journey of the soul through life and death.  

What Egyptology generally does not do, is try and date monuments.   Egyptology deals with what the AEs left us as regards their relationship with those monuments. 

If you say Egyptologists are wrong, then you are saying that the Ancient Egyptians got it wrong.   This is the mistake most alternative writers make.   

Having been fascinated for years with the saying 'the world fears time but time fears the pyramids', I  came to the view that the pyramids and their relationship in the Giza complex, enable a linear time existence -albeit of limited life -  to exist within a universe where time/space is circular.

Thursday, 6 December 2012


Following on from the post on 17th November 2012, let us have a look at what the pyramid texts have to say about Osiris.   Why Osiris you ask – because the Ancient Egyptians used the starbelt of Orion to symbolize Osiris.    And, as many of you already know, the Giza Pyramids replicate 2 of the 3 major stars in Orion.   For these reasons just mentioned, Osiris interests me as regards obtaining an understanding of what will happen when the large circle closes. 

Firstly, to return to the point of departure, to start, it is necessary to give back life. Osiris is Atum, the one who accomplished the cycle, whose other face is Re, one being the nocturnal part, the vital strengths, the other the diurnal part, the luminous strengths, according to the famous formula of the tomb of Nefertari. In other words, the death is generative of life: Horus, the descendant, symbol of the continuity, is born of his dead father.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

CPAK Poster

The following represents a summary of what I put up on the poster presentation - a summary of only the words as pictures were included on the poster.  

Please note the comments on the Voyager spacecraft in No 5.   

Circular Time – not cycles
A matter of interpretation
By Elizabeth Newton

1       Context
Traditional view – Ancient references, including Yugas, assumed to refer to cycles.   More likely, the ancient understanding was of circular time.  
 Objective – to test the assertion that we exist within circular time.

2       Review of Ancient Expressions 
Ancient Calendars expressed in circular format.   The Babylonian Calendar.   The Egyptian Calendar.   The Mayan Calendar.
The Phaestos Disk is circular. 
The alchemy symbol of the Ouroborus is circular – serpent swallowing its tail. 

3       Great Pyramid
The Great Pyramid has been mathematically expressed through the creation of a circle out of pentagons.   See Greg Mitchells work at this reference

4       Circular Time
In circular time, the end and the beginning are the same. 
Mayan Calendar telling us when Circle closes – the ‘end times’ are when the beginning is reached. 
‘End Time’ prophecies are not foretelling the future.  Instead knowledge of the end will be known at the beginning. 

5       Scientific
Time/space is curved. 
Planets are spheres [3 dimensional] – same shape as circle [2 dimensional]
Planet’s orbit is Ellipse – closed curve.
Voyager problems - trying to leave a circle???  What if circle is ‘closed’?   How can Voyager leave a closed system? 

6       Example – Prometheus Movie
Summary of plot – aliens create humans in past.   Then return to destroy humans.   This is linear time. 
In circular time, only one alien visit.   Circle began at time of destruction.  
Humans created out of image of destroyer.   
Humans exist whilst circle is running.

7       Conclusion
Through examination of ancient understandings and calendars, combined with modern day observations, I have tested the assertion that our existence is circular in nature.
The prophesised ‘end times’ refer to the point when the circle closes.
Difficult to find anything that disproves circular time.
 More on Voyager Spacecraft

 Based on the concept of circular time, I had predicted in my poster presentation at the CPAK conference October 2012, Palm Springs, California, I was  most interested to read this in yesterday's newspaper.

Speaking to reporters from the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco, Krimigis and former Jet Propulsion Laboratory Director Edward Stone described the newly discovered region as a "magnetic highway" that connects the heliosphere, the bubble surrounding the solar system, to the vast expanse of space beyond.
I will maintain that Voyager cannot pass through this magnetic field as I don't think it can leave a closed circle.  

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Ancient Egyptians

After many years of careful analysis of the Ancient Egyptian religion including the pyramid texts, I am have come to a view regarding what they worshipped.    This view is persuasive rather than conclusive, and it is an evolving view.

Unlike modern day religions which worship supposed historic figures, the Ancient Egyptians appear to have engaged in a form of replication without historical reference.   To use a newage term, they appear to have been engaged in the ‘now’, or some would say the ‘present’.

This fits nicely with the idea of the pharaoh being the living Horus.   The pharaoh replicated Horus, not as an historical figure but as a continuing concept.

The pyramid texts tell the end of the story.  Not the ending as it will happen in our time/space, but what is happening within the galaxy as the large circle closes.